Declare II
March 2012, Private Performance and Photographs.
Two Lace Tablecloths
Photographs by Suzanne Huffman, sister

This piece is about emotional renewal and the Mother. I traveled to the Gulf of Mexico in March 2012, to the beach I grew up playing on. I took the dry clay-caked tablecloth from the installation and a clean one. The clean table cloth was my maternal grandmother's. Working onsite at my geographic roots and connecting to my physical lineage allowed grounding, cleansing & rebirth for me, and this is captured in the performance and imagery. I enacted a ritual cleansing. I also connected to innocence through playing & exploring, and reveling in the beautiful expressions found in light, water, wet fabric, color. Something new (art) is created, born. Raw, wet, red and new. Glistening, alive.

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