Emily Huffman is a Mother, Artist, and Light Worker.  She creates beautiful and vibrant paintings. Emily’s paintings are magical quantum packages of color and light that hold poetry and meaning for the individual viewer. She also offers select high quality prints.

Emily has a BFA from Tulane University in Painting & Sculpture. She has professionally exhibited nationally and internationally. She currently resides with her partner Joe and toddler son Phoenix in Sausalito, California.

“Painting, for me, is a joyful celebration of the beauty within life. I paint intuitively, actively giving visual expression to the communication flowing from my soul. This can be personal as well as channelled reflections of collective experiences such as consciousness, relationships, and nature. My pieces include depictions of tangible physical objects like a plant, landscape, boat, or feather. These are touchstones that lead into worlds of color, light, feeling and energy.”  -Emily